the day of the super bowl, also known as the day I almost died running
Running running gear at my house. Ohhhhhhh welllllllll. Well, I could borrow from my sister. Okay, fine, I’ll wonderful! Don’t know what this is such a big deal? Read about my running journey here, here and here. the day of the super bowl, also known as the day I almost died running for the weather, so that might have been part of it. Also, according to my marathon-running Apple Guy
What I Learned Watching a Marathon
Running streets. Favorites include: ‘Hello from the lazy side’ & ‘Y’all are crazy’ & ’You’re running better
all about that consistency | a running update
Running all about that consistency | a running update Looking back at my running journey in the last year, I’ve definitely had some ups & downs (as with scheduling 3 runs a week into my schedule. And actually running. I’m tracking my runs, working to get
a running update
Running Remember when I said I wanted to take back September and start running again? Yeah, I hoped you started running. In the end, I ran 1.22 miles. Not the most impressive thing ever, but SO encouraging thought of going for a run. So I went for it. Gave myself zero warning, put on my running clothes a running update minutes worth of running at a time. Now, we are nowhere near 60 minutes of running, but my body was sore
taking back september | a running update
Running quite. My original August plan was titled 50/50 August because I wanted to alternate running one mile . I can’t let one month of inactivity make me a quitter. I’m taking charge of my running journey taking back september | a running update the habit I developed of running at least one mile every day would transfer into future months. Not admit defeat at this point. But then I think back to my running journey these last few years. Running one block and feeling like I was going to die, to running up to an hour at a time is no small feat
#1milejuly | 3.5 weeks
Running are too impressed, it’s just a mile. But gee, it sure is a mile. A few months ago I was running up twice, I almost fell off the running wagon completely. But recently I decided to do something about running outfit on and after a few stretches, I’m out the door for my morning run. Now before you fact, it is! Running is now a non-negotionable in my morning routine. But, it hasn’t always been that. So #1mileJuly was born. Running only 1 mile every day in July sounded incredibly manageable. In
#1milejuly update | one week
Running WHAT'S #1MILEJULY? After falling off the running bandwagon early this summer, I decided to use July
Running completely falling off my running plan. THE GOAL Run one mile every day in July. That’s it. HOW I’M only inch out a few minutes of running intervals, but a mile without stopping? Cool. Not bad after
the next time will be better
Running my 65 minute run I seriously considered running home to sit on my couch and finally finish the As much as I’ve fallen in love with running, it’s still really hard. I was on a high this past if I allow myself to stop running. So that’s my current barometer of success, am I still moving forward? off, I laced up my neon running shoes on Wednesday and hit the pavement. For the first 20 minutes of
my running journey | part three
Running without having to stop and walk, I was finally successful. Though it was the hardest week of my running my running journey | part three realizing that all runners were once non-runners, I decided I was in this running thing for the long haul running, I pushed myself in a way I never thought I would be able to. I believe it was in a January 30th and at this moment the thought of running a half marathon makes me want to cringe. But
my running journey | part two
Running like I was doing it right or simply got discouraged because running wasn’t coming easily to me. It my running journey | part two I shared part one of my running journey last week here if you didn’t catch it. We pick up my story . Running seemed really hard and I sure wasn’t about to go running with someone who actually knew what they app and started to track my attempts. It was mostly walks with sporadic running spurts and hardly wasn’t until I started using the a 10K running app in March 2014 that things began to really take
my running journey | part one
Running the most graceful, was something I felt good doing. My first memory of running was somewhere around that at 9, this running thing wasn’t coming as naturally to me as some of my classmates. I could do we practiced by running “The Half Mile" around the park next to our school. In my three years 4th grade. We were responsible for running “The Mile” a few times a semester and I dreaded the days my running journey | part one experience with running would be after I completed my first marathon in under 2 hours. [So
our first walk
Running plopping her little self down in front of people’s homes and just looking at me - Woz running for 10
oops, I did it again
Running beautiful weather and my soon-to-be abundance of summer time. It took 3 weeks after my running and started running again only to almost be run over by their dad, also on a bike. As luck would have . Whyyyyyy???? I was looking forward to getting back into the running groove, especially with the
currently | 04
Running white at Starbucks [addicted] running an average of 5.5 miles a run learning about miracle morning
my running & yoga plan [50/50 august]
Running Today I ran my 31st mile in 31 days. [Insert 10 party hat emojis here.] In the 31 days of running approximately 31 more miles of running. BUT WHAT IF I DON'T FOLLOW THE PLAN EXACTLY? Who cares! The point is an upcoming month I want to build my running distance, but I know myself well enough to know that my running & yoga plan [50/50 august] that I’m moving, running, and yoga-ing. This plan is here as a specific guide to help me do these further, August is here tomorrow. And I need a plan. I WANT TO: 1. Continue running 2. Incorporate
valentine's day | a recap
january in review
currently | 03
Running can act as a natural source of relief from headaches. Running in 70 degree weather, finally
fall in love with the process and the results will follow
Running shifted my focus from running long distance to just being active every day. I know I won’t shut up sweeter. Being active. I’ve been pretty honest about my running journey this year. In all reality
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