why I blog

“So what do you blog about?"

“Um. My life. Ha!"

I feel as if a random Wednesday in August is the perfect time to lay it out exactly why I do this thing every day. 

I’ve been a blog stalker for years and became intrigued by the art of sharing in an online space as a creative outlet early on in high school. During my freshman year of college in 2009, I started the blog ‘Hey, It’s Ashley’. As I navigated through college, the blog was there as my creative outlet. When life felt overwhelming and I could barely see past each day, the blog allowed me to focus on developing my creative passions and gave me the outlet I needed. 

In the 5 years I spent pouring into my first blog, I not only met so many wonderful people, but I learned that I have a creative voice with something worthy of saying, which alone was worth the time spent in this investment. 

It was never about followers or numbers or stats, and to this day it still isn’t. I would continue to blog every weekday even if only 1 person read my ramblings. I don’t spend time reading blogs and pins about how to increase my following, how to streamline my blog, how to build the best foundation for my blog, how to get more eyes on my blog, how to… whatever. That’s not me. And not what I’m purposing this space for. 

In fall 2014 when the idea was sparked to start Ashley Joanna and pick up blogging consistently again, I had a very specific purpose in mind: it would give me a space to pursue and document my journey as a 20something creative professional. I had no idea the things I would end up blogging about [running, knitting, teaching, coding, etc], but I knew I wanted to give it a shot. 

And almost a year later, I’m doing my best to document life where I am. 

Sometimes doing my best means focusing more on people than new content during my trip to Jacksonville earlier this month, or giving myself the freedom to change the blog up a bit as I change, or lighten up when life is busy [aka subbing in 4th grade for 6 weeks while moving to Austin in the middle of those 6 weeks]. 

But in every season I still have every intention to continue blogging every weekday. 

Because. I love it. I love the creative push it gives me. I love the challenge. Writing and processing is a wonderful habit that have become a huge part of my day. Some blog posts are written and scheduled days in advance, some are written and scheduled just after midnight for that same day. But every day I show up and I write. I process and I write and I’ve loved every moment of this journey. 

Now it’s time for me to say thanks. Thank you for showing up too. Thanks for reading every post that you do. It’s the coolest thing when I get a text or an email or a high five from someone just saying they love reading and following along. You guys are my favorite.