weather woes

96 degree weather.... in October? 


Let's just say that in the forecast above, my hometown is sitting comfortably in the blue and my new town is riiiiiiiight in the middle of that rudely orange portion of land. 

Now hear me out, I'm not against warm weather. I love seeing blue skies, feeling the sun on my face and sitting under covered patios and I'll be glad I'm where I am when half of the country is shoveling snow from driveways, stressing over road conditions, and is going stir crazy in their homes. But this might be a bit much for me. 

Disclaimer: this is all coming from the girl who owns as many scarves & cardigans combined than any other category of clothing. 

I simply long for the day I can wear:
boots for the purpose of keeping my feet warm
- cardigans without feeling like it's 102 degrees
- scarves to liven up my favorite chambray tops

But hey, this is that part of life where I have to remember that it's always greener on the other side of that cold front and really, life is pretty good. 

Best news of all, it makes visiting other places this time of year that much more magical :)