the royal we

Confession: I’m a former teacher but I couldn’t tell you the last time I finished a fiction book.

Until now. 

Woz and The Royal We |

I listen to The Lively Show podcast every week during my runs [or on long drives across Texas] and this July was bookclub month. Jess interviewed very different authors on their works, their processes, and their lives. Pst. Jess is my favorite interviewer. That girl has some serious #skillz. 

This interview with co-authors, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, about their latest book really caught my attention.

The Royal We |

Heather and Jessica authored The Royal We as literal co-authors, writing a passage and passing the book between themselves as they wrote. Their style of reading, editing, writing and passing gives the book a unique continuity and life that a single authored book doesn’t possess. 

So I bought the book. And within a few days, I was deep into the world of these fictitious Royals & non-Royals and in total cliche, could not put the book down. 

For the record, I’m not a self-professed Royals fan-girl, but I sure did watch the Royal wedding in 2011 in between classes when I was in college. So for me, this alternative view into the lives of such public people was really fun. Of course most of it is fiction, it’s a fiction book, yo! But it was the perfect ‘get away’ book for me. 

Is this book for you? 

- Are you a fan of the Royals [blood-line, not baseball]?
- Have you ever wondered what it would be in the inner circle of the Royals as an American outsider?
- Do you enjoy a semi-realistic story of two people fumbling into love? 
- Do you want a book you literally can’t put down? 

Answer yes to any of these questions? Great!

First, listen to this.

Then, read this.