thanksgiving week | I'm thankful for

I’m all for being thankful year-round, but sometimes I need an in-my-face reminder to stop and be thankful.

Cue: Thanksgiving Week.

Thanksgiving Week 01 | I'm Thankful For |

Life is really different this year, in all the best and most terrifying ways, and my response to all this change is holding hard onto things that I’m thankful for:

Family, friends, and Apple Guy make up my tribe of people who care about more than just themselves. They teach me, encourage me, and don’t call me crazy when I do life-changing things. They’ll be hearing their names out loud when I win an Academy Award some day. No, make that a Tony.

If you know anything about me, it’s that I love food. I love that it nourishes our bodies, it brings us together, it can be a major creative outlet, and it can taste darn delicious. Also, nothing says comfort food like a blue box of mac & cheese.

Since I was a Freshman in college I have not been without a job and for that I am extremely thankful. Each job I’ve had has taught me something about a craft, working with others and myself. As I’m creating my own career for myself now (in the small business planning stages) I’m prayerful that my work would always be purposeful & fruitful.  

These people are also my people. They listen to my undeveloped ideas, talk shop, open up their back-of-house to let me in, and encourage me to be the Boss Lady I know I can be. Without them I would have never started blogging 6 years ago, attended creative workshops, or owned my creative tendencies.

Knowing that Grace is sufficient is exactly what matters and I pray that my life reflects this simple truth

OH THE JOY OF THIS GIRL. She’s the best. End of story.