taking it back to 2011 with the pioneer woman

While in Houston this weekend, Apple Guy and I & discovered that my girl Giada De Laurentiis was doing a book signing at the Williams Sonoma we were walking by.

I had a HUGE fan girl moment while simultaneously trying to explain to Apple Guy why this was such a big deal. (He still doesn't get it.)

Unfortunately, our hunger was louder than our willingness to wait hours in line. BUT I was reminded of a spontaneous trip to a book signing a few Novembers ago.

After hearing that Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) was going to be doing a book signing 2 hours north of my hometown, my mom, sister and I grabbed our PW books and hopped in the car.

The 4 hour wait was completely worth it.

Ree and her family were the nicest people. My mom and Ree actually connected on the fact that they grew up in the same small town in Oklahoma only years apart. Which basically means we have a standing reservation for Thanksgiving dinner, right?


Oh and PLEASE, check those Instagram filters.

#onfleek <-- did I use that correctly?

Oh gosh. Forgive me.