taking back september | a running update

It’s about to get real up in here, friends. 

Coming off of my #1milejuly success, I assumed that the habit I developed of running at least one mile every day would transfer into future months.

Not quite. 

September Running Journey Update |

My original August plan was titled 50/50 August because I wanted to alternate running one mile and practicing yoga. The plan worked beautifully for the first week. But then I allowed myself make excuses. 

Jesus knows I could make excuses all day:
- Traveling threw me off
- My body couldn’t possibly run the way I ran in July
- I’m too tired after teaching all day
- There’s too much else to do

Fact: the last mile I ran was the day I left for Florida, August 10th. 

It would be very easy to admit defeat at this point.

But then I think back to my running journey these last few years. Running one block and feeling like I was going to die, to running up to an hour at a time is no small feat. I can’t let one month of inactivity make me a quitter. 

I’m taking charge of my running journey again. Not looking for perfection, but for miles. Every day I put my running shoes on and head out the door is a victory, no matter how long the run. 

One thing I know about myself and running is that if I don’t plan for a run, it won’t happen. So, I’m committing to taking back September one day at a time.

My goal is to run at least 8 times for the remainder of the month. It’s a small goal, but it’s exactly what is going to get me back in the game.