turning 24

One Wednesday night in high school, our small group drifted on the topic of age. The question was raised as to what age we’d officially feel “old."

I said 24. 

Ashley Joanna

I reasoned that by 24 I’d have graduated from college, been teaching for a few years, and would probably be married to my college sweetheart. It’s basically West Texas law. 

Well, I did graduate, I got the first teaching job I applied for and I am only weeks away from finishing year 2. And although I’m not married to my college sweetheart [that one would have been hard because I actually didn’t even date in college] I have met the man I love. So, not too far off. 

But do I feel old? Not at all.
Like an adult? About 90% of the time.  

Turns out, turning 24 is actually so much bigger of a deal than I had anticipated. And only in a slightly scary way.

But it’s not the number 24, it’s what I’m choosing to do with my life this year. I’m making some life changes. Big ones. Ones I’m not quiet ready to share yet, but are happening faster than my comfort zone appreciates.

Year 24 means I'm taking control of my life, not settling for what I think I’m supposed to do, re-calibrating, and making a big move. 

But overall, entering Year 24 makes me extremely thankful. 

For my family who has never left my side. 
For my best friend who has always lovingly nugged me to where I need to be.
For my school family who has loved on me for the last 3 years.
For the kiddos I do life with 40 hours a week.
For the freedom to live alone these last two years. 
For a man who has made me so appreciative for life. 
For a God who has been constant and is good all the time. 
For the future. 
nd birthdays [celebration emoji here].