I'm staring a business

One year ago I had no idea what I wanted to do when I “grew up.”

After teaching 2nd grade [and absolutely loving it] for 2 years, I just knew that it wasn’t going to be my forever thing.

Life circumstances [aka a boy] pulled me out of my comfort zone [aka my hometown] and gave me the opportunity to stray from “The Plan.” When I made my move across Texas I decided not to find a teaching job. Instead, I found a job nannying two of the sweetest boys. My hours are perfect, my time with the boys satisfies my teaching itch, and I have the freedom to pursue a few unconventional dreams.

One of the biggest dreams actually came years ago in college.

I have always admired my best friend’s wedding & editorial photography business. When our friendship began over 6 years ago, I immediately was drawn to watching her not only shoot at sessions and post-process images, but design wedding albums. The process of telling a story of such a sacred day through limited images tugged at my creative strings.

In my stressful college days, I soon began designing wedding albums for her clients as a creative outlet. Often, I wished out loud that designing albums could be my real job. Oh I wanted to so badly.

But I was terrified.

Small businesses are not easy. The paperwork, the legal confusion, CPAs, taxes, insurance, being official, the whole shebang. I saw all those very real and very important things and allowed them to be a brick wall preventing me from ever having my own business.

Soon I had my own classroom and it was much harder to justify my time spent on albums when another pile of grading and more lesson plans waited for me on my table.

But the passion for albums and a small business never quite went away.

Over the last few months I have been leaning into the possibility of opening my own album design studio and in November I decided that it was 100% worth trying.

At the time of this writing, official documents are being drafted, branding is being done, processes are being refined, and marketing strategies are coming together.

I’m telling you all this in my very unfinished state because I want to be open about this experience. I do not have it all together, but I know that I’d rather do this thing than sit and worry my way out of trying.

I could not be more excited to begin to work with photographers all around the world, creating albums for their clients, easing their burdens, and become the Boss that I know I am.

Look for more about Your Album Designer coming in early 2016!

Pst: if you are a photographer [or you know a photographer] would you mind sharing a few minutes of your time and give me a little feedback on your current album design situation? You’re the bee’s knees.