If you ask me what music I like, I’ll sit in silence for a moment. 

The only way I know to classify the music I love is by naming one man: David Ramirez

But David is more to me than just a moving musician. He’s a friend and someone I trust with my best friend’s heart. In the few years I’ve gotten to know him, what’s clearest is that the man you hear through his music is the man you meet at the dinner table. 

His newest record, Fables, was released this past weekend and it’s been on repeat ever since. It’s in my very humble opinion that it’s in your best interest to take a listen. 

And while you're at it, grab your best headphones, pull this post up on your computer, make it full screen and take in every second of Harder to Lie, filmed live in Skaftafell - Oraefi, Iceland by Clayton Stringer

And last thing. Take a peak at his upcoming Fables tour and get yourself to a show!