currently | 12

drinking peppermint hot chocolate

enjoying my bedroom tree

watching blooper reels from The Office and dying laughing

baking chewy molasses cookies 

slowly wrapping presents

starting the branding process for my new biz 

writing processes for said biz

wandering through target just because

counting down the days until I can see my girl Woz

adultling like a boss

and being a boss

currently | 11

nannying two of the sweetest little guys

referring to underwear as "pants" and pants as "trousers" (boys are half British)

smelling the best fall candle of all time

drinking coffee all times of the day

hanging out with sweet Austin friends

enjoying my new Austin groove

looking forward to a weekend of code schooling 

craving all things baked goods 

driving just 2.5 hours to Houston this weekend [not 9 hours anymore!!]

giddy about having a date night this weekend

currently | 10

drinking green smoothies every morning

brushing my hair for the first time this week

half-way finished with my 6 weeks in 4th grade

searching for the right next job

looking forward to finally being settled in my new home

continuing to press pause on my coding journey [more on this later]

also failing miserably on my running&yoga journey [more on this later]

watching the finale of Bachelor in Paradise. go ahead, judge

soaking up every ounce of time with my family

enjoying my new car [even more on this later]

looking forward to a Starbucks work date with myself this weekend