on the hunt | boots

2 years ago I thought “booties” (ankle boots for those unaware) were not cute. 

1 year ago I bought my first pair and fell in love. 

.75 years ago said boots broke when the heel literally caved in on one shoe. 

2 months ago I bought a second pair. 

Yesterday the zipper broke. 

On the Hunt for Boots |

I’m attributing most of this misfortune to the fact that each pair cost less than $40. So, it’s time to invest. 

I’m on the hunt for that perfect pair of brown [or possibly black] boots and these 3 from Cole Haan are on my short list: 

1. Newburg Waterproof Booties ($268)

2. Oak Bootie ($258)  

3. Abbot Bootie ($198)

Because, really, it’s no secret that I’m a Cole Haan girl

Any suggestions on an amazingly great quality pair of boots? Hook your girl up! 

cole haan lunargrand | obsessed

3 things I love about my lunargrands

  1. They feel like wearing insanely supportive tennis shoes... because they are
  2. They are super easy to dress up or dress down
  3. They are comfortable to wear all day teaching

And that's all it takes for me to fall in love with these shoes


I got fitted for running shoes last year and was advised that because my feet overpronate, I need to wear shoes that have pretty intensive arch support if I don't want to have the feet of an 80 year old at 25. Since then, I've switched to wearing primarily these running shoes and these birkenstocks. I love both of these shoes but have been looking for a good quality, closed toed shoe that can support my grandma-like feet while looking stylish at the same time.

Thankfully, I've found the one(s)


I catch my kiddos staring at them when we're on the carpet and occasionally I find a student touching the bottom of my shoes as if they can't believe they are really half Nike, half Cole Haan. 

Believe me, kid, I can't either. But I'm never going back. Worth EVERY penny. 

I've got Cole fever

6 months ago I didn't know the difference between a Cole Haan and any other dress shoe. [Heck, I probably still don't.]

But what I know now is that there's a hybrid action going on and I have jumped on board. 

Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip

The first time I saw these Nike + Cole Haan Oxfords [called LunarGrand Wingtips] I laughed out loud.

But as we learned yesterday, be careful what you think/say.

Cole Haan LungarGrand Wingtip

While in San Francisco, Apple Guy picked him up a pair and wore them our last day in the city. My feet were extremely envious. They looked SO good AND he said they were insanely comfortable. 

I mentioned here before that these are the shoes I should have worn while walking the streets of San Francisco and last week I took the plunge.

These little guys are on their way to me right now.

Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip

After showing my dad all of the things, he FaceTimed me in the middle of a Cole Haan in Kansas City [mom & dad are road tripping to visit family in Iowa right now] and snagged me a pair of these rad yellow babes for super cheap. Like too good to be true cheap. 

So at this time, I'm set to receive two pairs of these bad boys this weekend [cue party emoji].

Obviously I'll keep you appraised of my love [or lack of love] of the shoes. 

That sounded weird. Oh well. Have I mentioned there are only 13 more days of school left [including today!]?? Well, there are.

NOT a sales pitch but Apple Guy snagged these guys yesterday for an extra 40% off certain clearance styles. Pretty sure the sale only lasts until today (5/12). 

I'm just saying, the couple that Haans in yellow LunarGrand Wingtips together... 

You know.