Well. I'm back.

After the longest blogging hiatus I've ever taken, I am returning to the blog that was my daily companion for over a year.

I guess it's time to catch you up on a few things. 

In a crazy turn of events [all good things, promise!] I've returned to teaching

I've made the jump from 2nd grade math & science alllllll the way to the top in 5th grade reading and social studies. Talk about a 180. 

But y'all. Jesus knew what he was doing. 5th grade reading is my J-A-M. 

Also, I adopted the *best* labradoodle on the planet in May.

Her name is Eleanor. And she's my world. 

"What's my plan for the blog?" you ask. You know. There isn't one. In order to better balance the demands of teaching and dog-momming and family-ing and being a good long-distance-girlfriend and taking care of myself, I don't imagine I can realistically blog daily as before. But you better believe the creative/sentimentalist in me is ready to be back as often as I can. 

✌🏼 Shout out to my teaching partner for encouraging me to pick up the old blog again.