2015 | 10 month progress

This marks my 208th blog post in 2015 & the longest I have ever continued a New Year’s goal in the history of my life. 

2015 Goal Tracker from |

When the idea for my 2015 goal first came to me, I had no idea that:

1. I’d actually follow through
2. It would change my life in the best way
3. It would grow me creatively
4. It would become a daily habit
5. I’d meet wonderful people
6. I’d end up documenting my life in a non-traditional way
7. I’d become so attached to writing lists

Blogging every weekday isn’t easy. There are MANY days I’m writing the next day’s post with wet hair before bed or be brainstorming blog posts driving on my way to work that day. But every post, even the not super exciting ones, tell the story of my life in 2015. 

And the best part is that it’s not over. With 2.5 months left, I’m still typing away, editing iPhone shots, and dreaming of creative ways to share my life with you. 

In other news: I finally found my gold Sharpie from the move and had a major party coloring in 60+ gold circles on my goal tracker.