celebrating one year of ashley joanna

On November 15, 2014 I sat in a coffee shop with an idea in my head.

I wanted to blog again.


As a freshman in college I started blogging at Hey, It’s Ashley. For the next 5ish years the blog was my creative outlet when the world around me was riddled with anxiety and stress. It gave me permission to be creative AND I met one of my closest friends on the inter webs. Worth it. 

But during my first year of teaching, I dropped the ball. That year took a creative toll on me and I devoted zero energy to blogging or anything of creative mindset. Bad idea.

Towards the beginning of my 2nd year teaching, I had a strong feeling it would be my last. Although I didn’t have any idea what my life was going to look like after the last day of school, I decided to take a creative chance on myself. 

So Ashley Joanna was born. A blog dedicated to documenting my journey and a space to explore my creative side for the reals. [Read that first post here!]

Now I sit in a coffee shop 400+ miles away and I am nothing but thankful for the creative discipline writing every weekday for this blog has been. It hasn't always been easy, but it's been so worth it. 

And now a few favorite documentations from the first year of Ashley Joanna:


My running journey |

My knitting journey |

My web developer journey |

Pst! Good News! Things are in the works for a creative business coming from your girl in the very near future. Stay tuned :)