one year

Happy one year of dating to my Apple Guy. 

I love the way you: 

  • encourage me to step outside of my comfort zone
  • embrace brands wholeheartedly (apple & lululemon included) 
  • love Woz even more than I do
  • indulge my chocolate chip cookie fascination
  • have the best tunes for the car
  • can laugh at your past & embrace it for what it is & learn from it
  • take care of all things Apple for me
  • are always there for a friend in need
  • can talk to anyone, even the most awkward of humans
  • look me in the eye and ask me how I am and mean it
  • send your heartbeat via Apple Watch at just the right moment
  • wear the most dapper of clothes
  • take care of yourself
  • encourage me to do the same, without feeling inferior 
  • have always been willing to have a tough conversation
  • hear me out, even when I’m wrong
  • remind me that this place is not our home & point me to the One who has everything in control

Oh and hey, thanks for taking a chance on a girl who lived 9 hours away.

P.S. Let’s not ever live 9 hours apart ever again.