on the hunt | boots

2 years ago I thought “booties” (ankle boots for those unaware) were not cute. 

1 year ago I bought my first pair and fell in love. 

.75 years ago said boots broke when the heel literally caved in on one shoe. 

2 months ago I bought a second pair. 

Yesterday the zipper broke. 

On the Hunt for Boots |

I’m attributing most of this misfortune to the fact that each pair cost less than $40. So, it’s time to invest. 

I’m on the hunt for that perfect pair of brown [or possibly black] boots and these 3 from Cole Haan are on my short list: 

1. Newburg Waterproof Booties ($268)

2. Oak Bootie ($258)  

3. Abbot Bootie ($198)

Because, really, it’s no secret that I’m a Cole Haan girl

Any suggestions on an amazingly great quality pair of boots? Hook your girl up!