my journey to become a web developer | 05

The short story: I’m pressing pause.

I have loved learning to code & I felt so empowered learning multiple new languages. But after spending some time searching for a coding job, I was discouraged.

Learning to code is a vast task. The challenge is to learn just enough of everything and everything about a few things. It’s also very easy to become attached to video and game-like lessons and that offer little real-world coding experience. Most will attest that the real gritty learning comes from building your own applications and websites.

Maybe it’s the imposter syndrome, or maybe I just didn’t see myself getting up every day and devoting hours to solving coding problems. Honestly, it’s not that I didn’t think I could, I just don’t think I want to at this point.

Do I still plan to dabble in code? Of course. Apple Guy was taking some coding classes recently and I couldn’t help but join in. But I feel more comfortable using my skills as just that, skills that I can use to my advantage, but not what my livelihood depends on.

To be clear, I’m not quitting, or giving up. I’m simply pressing pause on pursuing web development as a career in order to pursue something else.

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In a world where we feel like we have to have it all together, it’s refreshing to hear that do overs are okay. And even more than one do over is okay.

BUT. My creative brain is happy because for the first time ever, I am reframing my mind to be that of a business woman (wha???). It’s terrifying and awesome and still in baby stages, but I just feel like you’d want to have that little nugget right now.  

Stay tuned :)