my journey to become a web developer | 04

As much as I hoped I’d be developing award-winning websites and apps 5 months in, I’m not. 

The reality is: I love coding just as much as I love Netflix, but sometimes Netflix gets a little more loving than my code editor. 

HTML & CSS, Javascript & Jquery by Jon Duckett |

This realization called for a shift in my coding thinking. In addition to my learning via code schools and challenges, I needed to code small things that had actual meaning to me. 

I started with a wireframe and an image and have slowly started building the faux website of my brunch dreams: a restaurant dedicated to Brunch, all day, every day. 

For the sake of transparency & honesty & hilarity, I’ve decided to put this half-baked website on the inter webs and share it with you. 

Here’s what you need to know:
- It’s not finished. I’m offering a window into the project as I code. 
- It’s meaningful. I’ve found that coding something I care about is way easier and is insanely more motivating. 
- It’s laid back. There’s no pressure or deadline or client. Just me and my code dreams. 
- It’s not perfect. The purpose of this website is to put my coding learning into action and wrestle with any bugs along the way. So yes, the responsive-ness is not quite there yet, the content is not even all up yet, and I know my code could probably use some serious streamlining...

- I love that the navigation bar is fixed on the page. 
- I love that the photo is large and in charge. 
- I love that clicking in the navigation bar actually takes you to that section. 

So feel free to take a look at Brunch. Hopefully when you visit the website every few days you’ll see new content, updated styling, better responsiveness and maybe a little interactivity. At least that’s what I’m tasking myself with. 

Are you learning to code? Share your mini projects with me!