my food style: risotto + mac & cheese

If I had to label my food style, it’s a mix between risotto and mac & cheese from the blue box.

Cooking shows are my Saturday morning cartoons.
My favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille.
I own both the movie & book, Julie & Julia.
Ruth Reichl’s book, Delicious!, is on my nightstand right now.
Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist is my absolute favorite.

Last week, never having tried a risotto in my life, I purchased Arborio rice and poured over various risotto preparations.

Then began my hour+ coaxing of love in front of my stove. I have no earthly idea if it turned out right, but it sure was dang good.

In true Ashley-style, after the risotto was consumed, not 2 days later a blue box of mac & cheese made it’s way into my dinner bowl. Complete with a link of chicken sausage. Yup. I’m 5.

But what a perfect image of where I am as a foodie at age 24.5.

Owning it.