var javascript = document.getElementById(‘AWESOME’)

That title mean nothing to you? It meant nothing to me until I started learning JavaScript exactly one week ago. Now, we are in BUSINESS.

A few things I've learned about JavaScript:

  • It sadly has nothing to do with coffee, though 7 iced coffees were consumed while learning JavaScript
  • It’s job is to tell an object [aka an “HTML element”) on your web page to DO something 
  • Any time you see a button, pop-up, hover, loop, etc, it probably has something to do with JavaScript; 

UM I need you to note that I added a “;” to the end of that last bullet point without thinking! I think that’s officially the sign that coding is becoming cemented into my brain #win 

Here’s a bit of JavaScript + HTML + CSS I coded yesterday. 
            alert(“Enjoy!”)    <----- Java "humor," it's okay to laugh

JavaScript is what allowed me to: 

  • Actually have something HAPPEN when you click that button
  • Send you an ALERT (aka pop-up)
  • Make the minion “dance” when you hover over, and off of it 

Be sure to click through those tabs to see the guts of my code. I know, pretty awesome, right?

Obviously there are a billion (give or take) more things you can do with JavaScript, but I’m just dancing in my seat that in a week I was able to learn how to create all of these events [the official term btw] that happen in YOUR browser!

** Note: I’m not actually 100% sure what would happen if you were to be seeing this on a smart phone. Haven’t gotten there yet! So, if you’re thinking I’m a complete weirdo talking about minions and dancing, go pull this post up on your computer ;)