I'm baaaaaaaack!

Whew. After a month off from blogging, it’s so good to be home. 

Ashley Joanna | I'm back!

As with most things in life, it’s time for a bit of change SO, come hang out with me every Tuesday and Thursday this year! 

With the reduced number of posts (106ish instead of last year’s 262 posts) comes more rad content, a brain that’s less frazzled and more time to focus on my budding business, who will have it’s own blog in the coming months. 

Here’s a peak at what you’ll see around Ashley Joanna this year: 

  • What’s happening in my world
  • The New Biz 
  • My running & health journey
  • Podcast & audiobook reviews
  • Lists (maybe even of lists)
  • Food & Travel & Tech
  • Some really cool people

So whether you are new here or have been following along from the earrrrrly days (circa 2009), welcome!