I took myself on a date this weekend

I took myself on a date this weekend

And it was the best.

Plans to see Apple Guy were postponed until the New Year (boooooo) and Apple Guy felt terrible that we were unable to see each other, so in his sickly state he did two incredibly thoughtful things:

  1. He sent me Gordon Ramsay’s audiobook via Audible “to help pass the time.” We all know how I feel about GR. Also, good gosh, so much respect for Ramsay. I encourage a listen to his autobiography, Humble Pie

  2. He sent me a movie ticket to see Sisters via Fandango. Not only did this force me to leave my house, but it allowed me to fulfill one of my 25ish things I want to do before I turn 25, see a movie by myself. The movie was hilarious & I fully enjoyed seeing a movie alone. Both armrests to myself, guys!

With both of these gifts, I decided to turn what could have been a bummed out Saturday into a date with myself doing all the things I love.

I added a few miles to my running tally
I redeemed a free coffee from Starbucks (venti please!)
Camped out at Barnes & Noble for 3 hours with my favorite books
Left Barnes & Noble with only 2 books in hand
Indulged in a burger & fries from In-N-Out
Capped off the evening with the viewing of Elf in my bed

A few takeaways:

  1. The internet is amazing. Thanks to it, Apple Guy was able to love on me from afar in ways not possible before.

  2. Dates by yourself are almost as great as dates with your person. You get to do all your favorite things, stay as long as you want, and eat wherever you want. Totally making this a thing in my world.