goodbye pop

When my own grandfather left this world a year and a half ago, Pop Hulett took the reigns and called me his granddaughter, even though he already had two. 

I giggled with him every week at Lackey family night. He told stories about the past, always had an opinion on the Rangers and told his testimony boldly until the end. 

I’m so thankful for this picture that Betsy took of what would be our last goodbye just a few weeks ago at the end of a family night. 

The morning Pop went to be with Jesus, I was miles and miles away in Jacksonville. Nothing hurt more than knowing I wasn’t there for his very last days or his celebration of life. But nothing is more satisfying than knowing is completely healed with Jesus right now. 

I’m not back in Lubbock yet, but I know that it just doesn’t feel the same without Pop. I’ll miss his tight hugs, his silly faces, and his warm spirit.

Love you Pop, have fun dancing in Heaven with your bride!

My dear Betsy documented his last few weeks on Instagram and it is the most beautiful use of Instagram I have ever witnessed. Both images are from this feed.