fried chicken biscuit with goat cheese and baked pickles

My love for the Squawking Goat + a fried green tomato from Maple Street Biscuit Co. in Jacksonville, Florid is no secret. 

We may or may not have gone a total of 3 times the week I was in Jacksonville in August. 

fried chicken biscuit with goat cheese and baked pickles |

Back in Texas, I have been dreaming of that perfectly crafted biscuit sandwich and I finally caved. It was time to make my own. 


The biscuit: not ashamed to admit that these delicious biscuits came from a blue can. Worth every minute they saved on time. There's a possibility that next time [because there will be one] I'll go full out and make these from scratch. Or, I may own that blue can. 

The fried chicken: prior to today I had never fried anything so this was a pretty big milestone for me today. I'm still in awe of the simple effects of flour, hot sauce and milk. I used the 'hot beer fried chicken' from The Beeroness as my inspiration and it was a total winner. 

The goat cheese: a huge fan of the phenomenon known as goat cheese. It's the perfect creamy tang this potentially heavy sandwich needs. Slather it on! 

The baked pickles: my favorite thing since frozen cookie dough is a good fried green tomato. However, I haven't figured out the secret to getting these in 'real' life [is it a seasonal thing? do I need to grow my own in order to have them?]. So, to replace my usual fried green tomato, I sought out the next best thing: fried pickles. However, I quickly discovered that baking was a smarter decision for me, and equally delicious. 

The sauce: on a traditional Squawking Goat there is a house-made pepper jelly. I went for a ranch&hot sauce combo and didn't turn back. 

So what's the verdict? Just good enough to hold me over until my next trip to Maple Street but will never be able to replace the perfection that is a Squawking Goat. 

And now, it's time to eat salads for a week. 

Well, let's be real, lunch tomorrow.