current food vibes

Apple Guy treated me to a Big Brekkie from one of my favorites, Hillside Farmacy, yesterday. This plate completely sums up how I feel about food right now. 

Big Brekkie @ Hillside Pharmacy |

A coratdo to be exact. Just wonderful enough to coat my tongue with rich espresso but light enough for this milk aficionado to enjoy.

I'm branching out of my scrambled & hard-boiled only phase and am trying new and wonderfully delicious&surprising things. Can we talk about the runnyness of the eggs and how wonderfully they meld with every other thing on the plate? It's a thing.

Also known as potatoes. Really, who named them such? But no complaints here. The crispy edges, slightly salty flavor, and perfect size make the perfect breakfast treat.

Believe it or not I didn't have real bacon growing up. I thought everyone's bacon was made of turkey like ours. Turns out I now understand why exactly people love the salty, crispy, slightly chewy sensation that is bacon. 

It's bread, need I say more? 

Until a year ago I didn't know this oddly shaped green was a thing. But now I can't get enough of it's peppery bite. Pizzas, sandwiches, breakfast? Yes. Just, yes.

Did I just write an entire blog post on the elements of my breakfast? I did indeed.