b&a | our story 001

FYI: it’s about to get a smidge sentimental up in here. This typically occurs around the year mark of anything for me and it just so happens that the first part of our story happened just one year ago tomorrow. So here's part 001 in the story of B&A. 

[For the record: Apple Guy = B and yours truly = A]

Okay, let's get to it. 

b&a love story 001 |

The week of July 21, 2014 was the craziest week of my life. 

My very long streak of not dating was ended by the most awkward of dates. I’m talking the only couple in the upstairs dining room of a silent local restaurant, me carrying 89% of the conversation, an uncomfortable walk after dinner around my university’s campus and ending with the side hug kind of awkward. Oh and did I mention I met him on eHarmony? Yeah, that happened. 

BUT my confidence was strengthened. 

Though that date was the ending of that relationship, it really was only the beginning. In the following days, a few other guys in my life expressed interest in me. 

Side note: let’s remember that there was a VERY LONG streak of not dating. As in more than 5 years. So multiple guys, yeah, that’s new to me.  

By Friday morning I’m laughing in my classroom as I prep for summer school when I receive a text from my best friend who just gave my number to a guy who works at the Apple Store in Austin.

“Well send him my way!” What’s one more? 

I rolled my eyes and went back to stapling, laminating and organizing. I was exactly 6.5 hours away from said Apple store. Nothing, I repeat, nothing could come out of this. 

But a few hours later I received this text: 

Apple Guy's first text

Please note: ‘ape store.’ Ha.

We texted off and on for the next few days but a silence fell in our conversation when this Apple Guy [literally his name in my phone for at least a week] was relocated. 

Similar things happened with the other guys I had been talking to that week. A crazy storm of guys had entered my life and left one at a time. 

But I wasn’t quite ready to be rid of Apple Guy. So, I did a crazy thing. But you’ll have to wait until the next chapter for that nugget. 

PST! Here’s Apple Guy’s side of the story: 

"I really want to introduce you to my friend Ashley" was the suggestion made to me by the girl I had just made small talk with in an Apple Store for 45 minutes. 

"She's a teacher in Lubbock and I think it would be awesome if you guys met."

My life up until this moment had been an absurd rollercoaster. At times I felt completely lost and really had no idea up from down. So naturally, I obliged. 

I texted Ashley. I make stellar first impressions [see 'ape store' in above screenshot]. 

Little would I guess, a year later we would be preparing to weave our lives together. 

[insert blushing & heart eyes emoji here]

Text them anyway, even if it seems like the craziest thing you could do in that moment. Text them.

Oh! AND trust your best friend. That's the ticket.