a few life updates

I cannot believe this summer has come to an end. 

Lots of coding, Apple Guy, family, Betsy, traveling, coffee, June Capri, driving, flying, cooking, running, yoga-ing, and the like. 

When I finished the last day of school in May, the following months were unplanned. Most of the time it was wonderful and freeing, and other parts were terrifying and challenging. 

I do have a plan now. 

On Monday I will be starting a 6 week long-term substitute position at my old elementary school in Lubbock! My principal contacted me a  few weeks ago with this opportunity and I could not say no. So this former 2nd grade teacher will now be a 4th grade reading and social studies teacher for the first 6 weeks. Woo! I’m so excited to get to do life for a few more weeks with my favorite teachers and staff, and even hug my old kiddos! Cool story: some of the kids in this 4th grade class were my own 2nds just a few years ago! 

After labor day, I will be moving my stuff across Texas into my new apartment in Austin. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! It still doesn’t feel completely real. Because I’ll be subbing until the beginning of October, I won’t be living with my things until that point. But hey, what’s another few months of living out of suitcases? 

After that? Well, it’s a little unclear at the moment. I’ve been accepted into a nannying agency in Austin and am waiting for the Lord to place me with a family that’s just right for this season. I’ve also recently partnered with Jordan (aka June’s mamma) to work with her team at The Business Bar to develop websites and work on some pretty cool collaborations. So, stay tuned for that! 

Whew. If you need me, I’ll be resting before the first day of school on Monday [just couldn’t get away!]