the 8 things every perfect “working” coffee shop has

In a perfect world, every coffee shop would be the perfect “working” coffee shop. 

In order to be classified as a perfect “working” coffee shop [ you know the kind where you can camp out for hours and barrel through work with the superpower of productivity? ] it must have a combination of these elements: 

8 Things Every "Working" Coffee Shop Has |

1. That smell. There is absolutely nothing that can replace the smell of freshly ground beans, smooth espresso and baked goods. 

2. The coffee. 6 out of 10 times, I’m in the market for something cold [it’s probably because I live deep in the heart of Texas] and finding a perfectly crafted iced coffee is just like 👌🏼

3. The vibe. I love the mutual understanding that everyone is in their own zone yet it’s equally important for it to not feel like the silent stacks of a library. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet at the table next to you. 

4. The music. The more obscure the better. It should be something that when not wearing headphones provides as little distraction as possible, yet blends perfectly with the sound of the coffee grinding, people ordering and table-side chats. 

5. The time. When I’ve found the right place to camp out at, there is hardly any sense of time. I’ve found my most productive moments are when I can’t tell you how long I’ve been at ‘it.’ 

6. The wifi. A no brainer on the “working” vibe of coffee shops. No wifi, no work being done, at least in 89% of businesses today. Apple Guy loves to take advantage of this

7. The light. A combination of natural light and warm light is a must. It’s common knowledge that natural light gives the best Instagram-able images, but nothing beats the inviting warm glow of a good lamp here and there. 

8. The plugs. No plugs says, “Hey, we love you and all, but please just drink your coffee and be on your merry way.” Plugs say, “Hey, we love you. Stay as long as you’d like. Want another cup of coffee? Can I tempt you with that chocolate chip cookie you’ve been eyeing?” 

What are your coffee shop must-haves? Did I miss any? 

Pst. 1 guess where I was when this post was written. 

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