6 things from my first 6 days in Austin

Internet, I know you've been wondering how my move has been going. Right?

Well, here are 6 things from my first 6 days in Austin:

Austin, Tx |

1. I now have 2 carseats in the back of my car. Hello nannying!
2. I know where the best grocery store is AND can get there without a GPS.
3. Every single box is unpacked, organized and put away. Crazy.
4. The only thing I’ve hung is my curtains. 
5. I’ve eaten everything from the best pizza at The Grove, to a killer lamb burger at Hopdoddy, and a few home-cooked meals. 
6. My Hulu queue might have got a little loving in all my alone&unpacking time. 

The best part? I’m only 2.5 hours from Apple Guy. That may seem like super far, but it will ALWAYS be better than being 9 hours apart. 

Oh. Also tied for the best part? The fact that my new roommate is coming home today.

[cue party emoji]