july in review

In an effort to remember my most favorite parts of 2015, I've decided to document each month as they pass. Enjoy!

Heres what happened:
Ran 31 miles in 31 days during #1mileJuly
Published my first fully coded website 
- Shared my 6 week Web Developer journey update 
- Started learning JavaScript and jQuery 
- Celebrated the 4th of July in Houston 
- Applied for a job or two
- Finally joined the Lululemon family 
Cooked & baked a few things Im really proud of 
- Spent lots of time with this gal
- Shared part 001 of the B&A love story 
- Rounded up 10 things you don
’t know about me   
- Found a new way to relax 
- Celebrated blogging every weekday for 6 months