#1milejuly update | one week


After falling off the running bandwagon early this summer, I decided to use July as a Do Over and set an attainable goal to run 1 mile every day in July. 



Surprisingly well. I haven’t ever been much of a run every day person, but this experience might be changing that. 

The only day I didn’t run a legit full mile was Day 1 [oops] but I’m giving myself a pass because I drove 12 hours that day and ran a mile every day for the previous 3 days in June.

So overall, I’m 7 for 7!  Woo!
Some runs were outside. 
Some runs were on the treadmill.
Some runs were by myself. 
Some runs were with this gal or Apple Guy. 
Some runs were exactly 1 mile. 
Some runs were 3.5 miles.

But every run was a victory because I put on my shoes and ran the best I could.

One mile at a time. 


Use the hashtag #1milejuly to share your journey and feel free to adapt this challenge to walking or sprinting or swimming or whatever your heart desires.