2015 goal | 6 month progress

I am simply floored that 2015 is halfway over. 

This marks my 136th blog post in 2015 & the longest I have ever continued a New Year’s goal in the history of my life. Still HUGE, people. 

#habitprogress goal tracker

Having this visual [& the accountability of announcing to the world what my goal is] motivated me to keep on keeping on. And who doesn’t love getting to use a gold Sharpie every day?

In these 6 months that I've consistently blogged at Ashley Joanna, a few things have happened:

  • I left teaching
  • I started coding
  • I'm in the process of moving to a new city
  • My passions have become clearer

And I’ve loved every minute of it.

Cheers to sharing the next 6 months with each other!

How is your 2015 goal going? Making any progress?

If you've fallen of the bandwagon [I did this recently with running] feel free to use July as your mid-year Do Over! It's never too late, right?