a lesson in slowing down

I’ll skip to the part where for hours and hours after being discharged from her 'lady parts' surgery, my sweet pup laid around the house, trying to get comfortable and occasionally letting out the faintest of moans.

Don’t get me started on the tears forming in her eyes.

Woz sleeping |

I’m not a mom to humans yet, but if what I’m feeling toward this 18 pound ball of joy is anywhere near what I’ll feel seeing my future babes hurting, it sure is tough. 

Seeing my sweet girl in her quietest state, I’m also reminded that sometimes a little forced rest is exactly what’s needed. 

In my own life, I’m in an interesting spot. I’m technically job-less right now, enjoying my last few months of summer vacation, traveling, applying for jobs and the like. But though I’m “on vacation” right now, that doesn’t mean I don’t need to slow down and rest during this time. 

My body made me do that earlier this week. I tried my hardest to cram as much as I could in my day, but the exhaustion was overwhelming. So now, I get done what needs to be done and have decided that some things can wait.

I can get a few lessons behind on my coding classes and be okay.
I can continue working on that email project later and be okay.
I can press pause and everything will be okay. 

Intentionally slowing down is the absolute best thing I can do for myself right now. And I'm 100% okay with that.