#1milejuly | 3.5 weeks

My stomach begs for food as soon as I wake up. But, before I give in, I immediately put my favorite running outfit on and after a few stretches, I’m out the door for my morning run. 

#1milejuly | week 3.5 |

Now before you are too impressed, it’s just a mile. But gee, it sure is a mile. 

A few months ago I was running up to an hour at a time. Those days feel so long ago. Not long after I fell and injured the same knee twice, I almost fell off the running wagon completely. But recently I decided to do something about that. So #1mileJuly was born. 

Running only 1 mile every day in July sounded incredibly manageable. In fact, it is! Running is now a non-negotionable in my morning routine. 

But, it hasn’t always been easy. For 2 weeks I was running primarily on a treadmill [because Houston’s humidity is no joke] so when I started running outside on neighborhood streets again, I was on the struggle bus. Road running felt 10x harder than a treadmill. But the more I do it, the easier it gets. 

I’ve also been stretching before each run these last few weeks and have noticed a difference in my flexibility and the way my legs feel during and after running. Imagine that. 

I’ve really found my time of day groove. My runs are best done very first thing in the morning. I can ride on my accomplishment all day instead of looking negatively upon the fact that “I still have to get my run in tonight” before winding down for the day. Also, I’m 110% a morning person so it’s pretty much in my DNA to get out there and get it done.

#1milejuly &  Get To Work Book

And finally, having my runs scheduled into my Get to Work Book every day before July even started was a HUGE motivator for me to knock out each run, especially in the beginning. Definitely continuing this practice. 

Now that we’re 27 days & at least 27 miles into #1milejuly [THAT’S MORE THAN A MARATHON!] I’m looking forward to August. I do know that if I don’t have a plan before August gets here, we’ll be in trouble. 

What is that plan? You’ll have to wait until Friday to find out.

Spoiler alert:  I’m still mulling over what makes the most sense for my travel plans next month and my endurance goals. BUT it will be something that you are more than welcome to join me on again. Slow and steady, right?