12 lists | 6: Party Essentials

I am excited to be joining some creative women on the 12 Lists series, a monthly list-making series for those who love writing lists. 

This month's topic: make a list of party essentials.

12 Lists | 6: Party Essentials

Here's the deal: this introvert loves a good… down-time. I’m not really one for gathering with lots of people. But when the occasion does arise, here are my go-tos: 

  • fresh flowers 
  • a few of my favorite people
  • a meal to create together
  • s’mores [obviously
  • la croix sparkling water | coconut is my current summer fav
  • a movie to watch, blankets to snuggle up

What are your party essentials? Make a list of yours, share it, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up here. Happy list-making! 

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