road trip must-haves

Summer road trips are the seriously best.

My favorite memories growing up were driving across state borders with my family. We made homemade peanut butter at the Crayola factory cafe in Kansas City, toured my parent’s respective universities at Iowa State and Oklahoma State, and visited family, always exploring. 

West Texas windmills

Today I'm driving across Texas from my home in West Texas, to Austin to pick up the best friend and finally to Houston tonight. If you’ve never been to Texas before, that’s quite the trek. As in 9+ hours in the same state. Whew. 

- A good line-up of podcasts [my favorites] & some rad tunes [shout-out to day 2 of Apple Music… have you signed up yet?]
- A large water bottle & iced coffee
- A simple snack [I packed this guy for today’s trip]
- A phone charger for the car because GPS is my crutch
- Sunglasses for that sun situation 

And if you’re lucky enough to not be the one driving, a few bonuses: 
- Knitting needles & yarn
- A good book [I’m reading this now]

Enjoy this ridiculous picture of Apple Guy and I driving across Texas earlier in June. For the record, sweet AG bought that espresso ENERGY DRINK [???] for me. Had no idea that's a thing!

Also yes, those are patterned pants. I'm owning them and quite obsessed. 

What are your must-haves for your summer car experience? Anyone still bring physical maps or Map-Quest print outs? Ha!