the first box

Moving is wonderful and hard.

moving boxes

Moving is wonderful because it forces you to evaluate every item you own. Is this really something I want to drive 400 miles with? When was the last time I watched this movie or read this book or wore this shirt? Could I buy this again if I needed to? 

Moving is hard because there's nothing like staring at your entire home and realizing that all of it has to be transported from one location to another, hopefully with some sense of order and in one piece. 

What was my solution to the overwhelming task of packing up my house by myself? Start with the first box. No progress can be made until the first step is in motion. 

Once I sorted through my movie collection, each movie was placed carefully inside of my first box. As if giving me a metaphorical high five, they fit exactly inside the box I had chosen. Then, the next 6 boxes were packed with yearbooks, cookbooks, Harry Potter books, Steve Jobs books and every book in between.

The motivation that first box provided is real. 

Now, to power through the remainder of my home.