Get to Work Book

I haven't used a paper planner since I was in college. 

But that's about to change.

Personalize Get to Work Book

I knew the minute Elise announced her plans for a paper planner that I needed to get my hands on this puppy. 

Here's what I love about the Get to Work Book:
- It's neutral. No color. No fuss. A blank slate*
- It's focused on ACTIONS to make goals happen, not just goal setting. 
- It's flexible. Want to use it as a daily documentation tool? A huge checklist? A place to sketch out your day? Exercise and food planner/journal? It's that! But also none of that at the same time. I don't feel pressured to write anything anywhere I don't want to. 
- It's structured. And flexible? Well it is! Don't believe me, watch this.
- It's made in the USA and was created by one of my favorite people, Elise
- It's finally here and ready to use! 

* Blank slate: I wanted to add a touch of personalization to my Get to Work Book so I made the executive decision to add a favorite photo of Apple Guy and myself using the fanciest of washi tapes [totally not fancy.] Did I ask permission? You bet not. Am I even more excited to use it? Yes ma'am/sir. 

The absolute worst part about it? I have to wait until July 1st to starting using it. BUT not only will that be the perfect life transition time for me, I've already been working on the outline of a few projects that will soon find a home in my first Get to Work Book. Cue the countdown!

Get to Work Book and Goal Tracker from Elise Blaha Cripe

Update on my goal tracker: My 2015 goal was to blog every weekday and we're still going strong! I seriously cannot believe it. This is the longest I've kept up with a long-term goal and the benefits are overflowing. Each day is a victory and every person I meet through this little blog in a sea of billions, makes it worth it.

Also, the hustle is real y'all.