guilty pleasures: june

Sometimes it's a Tuesday and you just have to give in to that one guilty pleasure. 

Or sometimes it's June and you give into 5 guilty pleasures. 


guilty pleasures


* It’s no secret that my biggest food craving [apart from a good piece of dark chocolate] are amazing quality [and even not so amazing quality] french fries. These guys look stellar. 

* Texas is hot and I just cannot bring myself to drink warm beverages this time of year. Most of the time I’m at coffee shops in the summer I’ll order a cold brew or a wonderfully milky iced coffee. This one looks magical.

* I’ve gotten Apple Guy and I hooked on watching Kitchen Nightmares every night on Hulu. We’re all developing pretty serious crushes on our man Gordon Ramsey. Apple Guy even sent this to me yesterday. 

* Yasso Greek Yogurt bars are my go-to for those late night summer ice cream cravings. Delicious and seriously not bad for you. [btw: these guys have no idea who I am] *img source

* When I'm not learning to code, I can be found pinning away while my laptop is open. It's a thing. 

Care to share your guilty pleasures? No judgement here. Scout's honor.