I'm learning to be a Web Developer

Woah. NEVER thought I'd write those words.

But I told you on March 31, just 2 months ago, that I was going to learn to code. And I meant it. 

Skillcrush on computer at Starbucks

I knew I wanted to wait until I finished the school year and had a chance to really focus on learning this new skill set.

Prior Experience: I've dabbled in some basic HTML/CSS before. And I mean basic. I've used Codeacademy and the free version of Code School in the past. But I was looking for a comprehensive and personal education. That's where Skillcrush came in. 

What is Skillcrush?
Skillcrush offeres 5 different 3-month long Career Blueprints
- Web Designer
- Web Developer
- Freelance Wordpress Developer
- Ruby on Rails Developer 
- Responsive Web Designer and Developer

I had the hardest time choosing one. In fact, I really would love to do them all. And I just might.

On Monday I started the Web Developer track. The blueprint includes three lessons: HTML & CSS; JavaScript & jQuery; and Ruby, Git & Sinatra. 

How it's going: I'm 2 days in and have already had my hands deep into coding my own website and other fun challenges along the way. It's pretty easy to follow. You're probably pretty jealous of the Emily Dickinson poem about a Bee and Frog that I coded into a future award-winning site. Or not. 

Poem HTML coding

What to expect: I'm looking forward to checking in with you on my Blueprint and hopefully I'll come out of these 3 months with a good grasp on a new skill set and possibly a job in the tech industry. 

And with that... Cheers to learning new skills!