learning to code: the 6 essentials

It’s no secret that my computer time these days is divided between learning to be a web developer [aka a ‘dev'] and Ashley Joanna, two of my internet loves. 


Code School Must Haves
  1. Laptop computer. I'm very mobile these days, a nomad of sorts, so I use a portable computer to do my coding lessons and practice developing websites.
  2. Apple mouse. My mouse gives more comfort and accessibility to the already wonderful trackpad. I especially love that it's multi-touch [just like your trackpad] and wireless.
  3. Notebook & pen. Every day I write the date at the top of a clean page and fill it with whatever HTML or CSS rule I've learned for that day. Writing down notes helps my brain when I need to reference a specific piece of code days later. 
  4. Guides & Cheatsheets. These guys are so insanely helpful when faced with a blank page of coding or run into a syntax issue. I get mine through my code school lessons but online resources abound and google can get you the answer to almost anything code related in a few seconds. 
  5. Headphones. Both Skillcrush and Code School use videos as a part of their instruction so headphones are a must, especially because I do most of my learning in public places. These guys do a wonderful job of canceling outside noise as well; perfect for those noisy coffee shops.
  6. Coffee. Or tea. Or a large glass of water. Because, obvs.

Once you've set up shop, the next step is to sign up for a code school (I recommend Skillcrush and Code School), download a text editor and get coding!

You'll also want to join a meet-up if there's one available near you. My first meet-up completely changed my outlook on the world of coding! 

A fellow coder? Wanting to learn with me? Reach out and say hello