my first tropical storm

Reports started to flood in on Monday that a tropical storm was brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Bill was coming. 

We stocked up on water bottles, extra food, took ‘before pictures’ of the bayou, made a quick stop at Starbucks and a spontaneous trip to Whataburger [judge not].

Then he never came. At least not how we thought he would.

Tropical Storm Bill at 7:45 pm June 16th.

Tropical Storm Bill at 7:45 pm June 16th.

As of the writing of this post Tuesday night, Houston has just skated by on the major effects of Tropical Storm Bill. It lightly rained off and on all day but thankfully the wide-spread flooding didn’t occur in our part of the coast. 

But the storm isn’t over quite yet. 

Forecasts predict that Houston will experience more significant rainfall late Tuesday night and through-out Wednesday SO we’ll see. 

Stay safe. And don’t forget: turn around, don’t drown.