hillside farmacy | austin, tx

In every city I visit I have at least one restaurant beacon.

Hillside Farmacy is my Austin, Tx beacon. 

Hillside Farmacy

No matter the occasion of my visit, Betsy and I always find ourselves sitting at a table at Hillside. 

We have, on multiple occasions, actually set out to try a new spot and literally on the way to that destination find ourselves being rerouted to the familiar Hillside. 

3 reasons I love Hillside:
- The food is always on point. 
- The coffee is always on point.
- The natural light is always on point.


For breakfast: brûlée grapefruit, yogurt parfait or the big brekkie. [Pictured above are the eggs in a bowl and the big brekkie.]

For lunch: malt vinegar fries and mac & cheese. 

* Pst: the mac & cheese is just as amazing for an early brunch. 

And always, always a cortado.