a life with open hands

On my first jog since my injury, I almost re-injured myself when I was stopped mid-run by the most surprising of yard ornaments, a pair of scissors. 

Cut a rose give to someone you love

The scissors were hanging from a sign that read: 

Cut a rose, give to someone you love.
— Angel & Connie.

And people have done just that. It is clear from the few remaining blooms in the back of the rose bush that Angel & Connie are serious.

In a surprisingly profound way, this couple that I've never met, reminded me that life is better lived with open hands. When our focus narrows in on ourselves and we closely guard our things with tight fists, it's impossible to lend a hand or offer a fresh rose.

People > Things

Which has prompted two new additions to my life-long to-do list:
- live a life with open hands
- learn to grow roses