fall in love with the process and the results will follow

I saw this quote on one of those cheesy picture pins floating around Pinterest. 

And then I realized that this is my life. Like all aspects of my life. 

This blog. 
Being active. 

The blog.
I started this blog last fall as a way to flesh out what it is that I love to do, to try new things, and to have a place to talk to the internet every weekday that is absolutely my own space. I didn’t have a  6 month plan, or a media kit, or aspirations to become a huge blogger. I just wanted to be able to fall in love with the process of creating and sharing and trying new things. And I have and I plan to continue doing just that as long as it makes sense for me. 

The world of teaching is a tough one. There is so much that I desperately wish I was able to control that would make my students and my own life easier. I wish every one of my 40 students had their own bed, were able to eat a filling dinner at night, had someone that was willing to read with them every evening. I wish I could put more technology in their hands and truly make learning accessible for every student. And I try. But instead of looking at the whole year and stressing out about what I can and cannot control, I have learned to hone in on the process. The process of teaching a student how to look someone in the eye when they shake their hand, or use a firm voice to tell someone that they don’t like it when they talk about them in that way, or see one of my “strugglers” teach a fellow student how to solve a problem. This is when I see results. And it’s exactly what matters.

Spoiler alert: I’ll share more next week about how my life is about to change, but I know that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, this experience & processes of teaching is helping me find those results that make life that much sweeter. 

Being active. 
I’ve been pretty honest about my running journey this year. In all reality, this is probably the most active I’ve been since I was in jr. high. But for the time being I have shifted my focus from running long distance to just being active every day. I know I won’t shut up about those activity rings, but they are a drug to me. I just have to close them! The main goal is to have 30 minutes of activity a day (I usually get from 4-15 minutes just from teaching) and reach a certain active calorie goal. I truly have fallen in love with the ritual of packing my favorite neon tennis shoes in the morning and lacing them up when I get off of work. Going for a long walk and listening to a podcast is exactly what falling in love with the process looks like for me. As with most things, the results come over time and manifest themselves in ways that aren’t always seen on the outside. I feel happier and more relaxed when I’m moving and the pride that comes from accomplishing something that you thought you couldn’t do is just wonderful. 

So for right now, I’m really focusing on falling in love with the process. I know that at 24 I do not have to have everything figured out [contrary to what I thought when I was 18] and there is so much freedom in that.

So cheers to falling in love with the journey!