the day in the life of a 2nd grade teacher [in may]

In honor of teacher appreciation week, I’ve decided to detail what a typical day in the life of a 2nd grade teacher looks like. You are in for a treat. 


7:15 arrive at school
7:20 check box & retrieve breakfast cards
7:22 turn on lamps & computer & Smart Board
7:25 pull out tubs of supplies & assignments for the day
7:26 review lesson plans
7:27 change lesson plans
7:35 open up all necessary tabs & programs on computer

7:40 pick up 2nd graders from the cafeteria
7:41 greet students at the door with a handshake
7:45 remind students to put away backpacks, get out necessary supplies, make their lunch choices and get their breakfast from the hallway carts
7:46 remind students of the exact same thing.
7:50 morning announcements
7:55 send down lunch count&give morning work directions& answer questions from 3 students simultaneously 
8:05 all breakfast trash is thrown away, check morning work together
8:15 students greet 3 people with a handshake and gather on the perimeter of our carpet
8:20 share “good things” for 5 minutes [a random sampling: “I played outside in the hail last night,” “we have recess today,” “I trolled my sister on Minecraft.”]
8:24 mini lesson how we should probably not play outside in a thunderstorm
8:25 start lesson on concrete multiplication using paper plates and counters to model story problems and answer using Neos that beam answers to the SmartBoard

9:15 restroom break [because 7 year old bladders are the size of a pea]
9:20 begin math stations for intervention. 
9:50 switch with Mrs. A’s class for intervention.
10:15 students yell out “attendance” as the bell rings
10:20 yet another bathroom break & switch back

10:25 begin science lesson on the food chain where students choose a habitat and create a food chain on a poster & describe the flow of energy. 
11:00 walk students to specials (art, PE, or music) 
11:02 go to the bathroom for the first time since before leaving home
11:05 breathe
11:07 paperwork date with the pod partner to fill out another IEP paperwork, placement cards, awards, parent letters, etc.
11:45 pick up students from specials & walk them down to lunch
11:55 heat up lunch in microwave. continue working on paperwork with pod partner during lunch. 
12:25 pick up students from lunch & yet another bathroom break
12:35 read to self or partner time
12:50 switch with my afternoon kiddos & greet students with a handshake
12:52 apply 2 squirts of hand sanitizer 
12:53 begin same afternoon work & good things & math plans as above
2:00 recess [but only 2 days a week]


2:15 you guessed it… another bathroom break
2:25 same science as above
3:05 switch back to homeroom
3:07 pack up backpacks & sticker behavior folders & pass out last minute notes from the office & let students take home leftover fruit from that morning’s breakfast one table at a time & answer any questions & hear from a student that they’ve been feeling sick all day & hear from another that someone hurt their feelings or accidentally bumped into them 5 hours ago. solve world hunger.
3:17 dismissal. I take the daycare&ycare&walkers&busriders to their designated spots while Mrs. A takes our pick ups outside.
3:30 call the parents of the remaining student to remind them to pick up their kiddo
3:35 use the restroom for the second time all day
3:40 sit in room [or pod partner’s room] and catch breath 

3:50 return to working position to prep lessons for the next day [because obviously the lesson needs to be tweaked again] and the following week, complete a report for tomorrow’s special education meeting for a student, type up & print letters to parents about the end of year time capsule you’ve suddenly decided to take on, talk to the principal about said capsule, grade assignments and enter into the online grade book, sort assignments that need to be corrected or made up, prepare templates for student compliment bookmarks for next week, type parent letters for Buddy Fun Day next week, send list of volunteers to correct people…. the list goes on.
5:30 pack up and head home to go on my hour long walk with Alton Brown

Whew. It makes me tired just writing about what my every day looks like. 

But you know what, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. These 40 students have changed me for the better and I am simply saddened to see them go in just 16 more days of school.

But let’s not kid ourselves, those 16 days cannot come fast enough. 

Note: photos are from throughout the school year and do not necessarily align with that specific time of day or unit of study.