I'm officially obsessed with | podcast edition

 Food + podcasts + closing those activity rings

Three of my favorite things collide on my evening walk&jogs. 

running with the Apple Watch Sport

After finishing all of the available Good Eats shows on Netflix I have, thankfully, stumbled upon the podcast from one of my favorite food personalities, Alton Brown. The perfect company.

From behind the scenes looks at Cutthroat Kitchen (if you’ve never seen an episode, you are seriously missing out), to movie talks with Mythbusters, learning about the personal lives of my favorite chefs, and learning about what it takes to make your own vinegar. It’s all the things wrapped up into hilarious and very real episodes, free of agendas. 

P.S. I’ve found there are two feeds on iTunes: here and here

Happy listening! 

What are your current favorite podcasts?

Here are my top 10 podcasts [before I knew the Alton Browncast was a thing].