note to self | traveling in San Francisco

While in San Francisco I caught myself making mental notes to remember for our next trip to SF. Hope they're as useful to you as they are to me! Enjoy!

traveling in San Francisco

Legit walking shoes are a must. Let's just say I didn't make the best choice this go around. I’m thinking these for next time. Or just for next week! 

Scarves save lives. Or at the very least provide for extremely flexible coverage with overcast mornings, windy spots around town and an extra dose of warmth in the evening. Plus, who doesn't love a good scarf? 

Trust the locals. Some of the best recommendations we had came from people in Uber rides or the people standing in line next to us. HUGE shout out to Kate for sending me not one but two emails full of amazing recommendations. We weren’t even able to make a dent in them. 

The lines are worth it. On two occasions [here & here] we hopped right into lines and never regretted the 20 minute wait. Let's just say there are lines for a reason. Apple Guy says that living Austin prepared him to wait in line for everything. I just laughed. 

Walk as much as you can. Until you just can’t anymore. I absolutely loved that we walked as much as we did. We took in so much more in terms of sights and sounds and smells and laughter. But there came a time after the 10th hill and Apple Guy saying "Just one more hill, babe!" that I was officially over it. 

There is no shame in taking an Uber or a Lyft. This was actually my first experience with both and I'm a total fan. They are fast, easy and provide just the perfect dose of entertainment. 

Take more video. I love every image we came back with but the two most hilarious parts of our trip that I have in vivid memory come from the two clips of video I shot while we were there. 

Yes, that souvenir is worth it. Especially because you’ll realize later how much you have fallen in love with the city and you'll want anything to remind you of those hills, the food, the people and the weather.