last day of school

Well, folks. We are finally here. 

Many have asked if it's finally sunk in that I'm not going to be teaching anymore. I really don't think it will until August when I won't have a classroom to set up, professional development meetings to attend, silly team building activities, or a class full of new little faces. 

I will without a doubt miss teaching, but I'm excited to see where my life takes me this next year. I've been googling culinary schools, florists, nannying jobs, and even a position or two at Apple. But that's for another day. 

Today, I'm hugging each of my loves tightly, reminding them that they are loved and praying over each as they walk out of our classroom for the final time. 

I told my class on Wednesday that I would not be returning to our school next year and I was met with a picture and an envelope. The picture speaks for itself, and the shoe situation testifies to the crazy that is the last few days of school. 

The envelope was a different story. It was from my "challenge" this year. He handed me the envelope and told me not to open it until I was old. 

Well, I opened it last night [I'm old, right?] and I was honored to see what was inside. 

That's why I love teaching. That's why the last few years of my life have not been in vain.